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Preview of Earth Can't Leave us, video, July 2022, 10 minutes

Three isolated characters—a person in a car at night, a rock on the side of a highway, and human/tiger, are bound together by primordial recollections.
Stills from Distance Discreet, video, July 2022, 10 minutes

Washed up on the banks of the Delaware river, a lonely figure writes letters to a lover, and dreams of making beauty out of the trash that surrounds them.
Stills from Lost Palace, video, April 2022, 30 minutes

Two placeless people stumble upon an abandoned resort hotel and decide to make a home there.

Stills from The Birthers, video, March 2022

A collaboration with Rat Porridge.
Preview of Question Everything Bitch, video, April 2021

A hyper-real video project documenting the relationship between the two filmmakers and their environments as they play-pretend fictionalized versions of themselves in a fantastical underground world. A collaboration with Rat Porridge.
the cloud, video, March 2019
You-I, the non-selves, performance, August 2021

Cherry Nin is a Philadelphia-based interdisciplinary artist working primarily in video with a practice that includes writing, performance, sound, and drawing. Play and the uncanny are central to their hybrid media practice which seeks to blur the fact/fiction binary while investigating societal violences and their effects on relationships between people and to the natural world. Dreamy, disjointed, hyper-real worlds emerge, where a host of wicked realities lie bubbling just below a cracked surface.

Nin is the founder of Krissy Talking Pictures, a queer video art organization in Philadelphia. They have lectured at institutions including The Wexner Center for the Arts, Haverford College, and University of Oxford (UK). They are a recipient of the Leeway Foundation's Art & Change Grant (2020) and the Philadelphia Independent Media Fund (2021), and are a past artist in residence at the Wexner Center for the Arts.

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