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Stills from Lost Palace, video, April 2022

Two placeless people stumble upon an abandoned resort hotel and decide to make a home there. Full movie here.

Stills from The Birthers, video, March 2022

A collaboration with Rat Porridge. The Birthers is an experimental video project depicting queer dreams amidst environmental disaster. In collaboration with a cast and crew of peers, the filmmakers create a surreal document reflective of their friend's attempts to envision a future while navigating the present.

Preview of Question Everything Bitch, video, April 2021

A collaboration with Rat Porridge. Question Everything Bitch is a hyper-real video project documenting the relationship between the two filmmakers and their environments as they play-pretend fictionalized versions of themselves in a fantastical underground world.

Full movie here.

the cloud, video, March 2019

Looming doom in cotton ball form.


The internet doesn't know what's wrong with me

Obituaries bloom like rotten drugstore valentines

A damsel (me) snorts 5 tons of that speculative stuff (you) then cries in the deepest pit of postpartum shit

Oh image producer power Oh pill like a cross Oh pie in the sky

Oh say did you see

The way that flag kissed the wind?

Oh say did you hear 

The crowds went home?

Nuclear families, health insurance, student loans

The fields are all empty now


Springtime and my eyelids start sprouting skinny petals 

No doctor and

The internet doesn’t know what’s wrong with me 


Bathroom break on the clock

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'Don't change the channel' is a 28 page zine containing stories, 'don't change the channel' & 'Gatorville,' published in February 2021.

Click here to purchase

You-I, the non-selves, spoken word performance, August 2021

A multimedia spoken word performance about a woman who believes she was born in the wrong body, and is meant to be someone else—an internet celebrity named Avery.


Krissy Talking Pictures is a video art organization I founded in 2019 that makes space and opportunities for queer artists without access to mainstream institutions. Krissy has organized exhibitions, installations, lectures, performances, and events across Philadelphia. Most recently KTP completed a virtual college tour, through which we presented work and lectured at University of Oxford, the Wexner Center for the Arts at Ohio State University, and Haverford College. For more info visit


Word Club is a Philadelphia writer's collective hosting weekly writing meetups, readings, and events. We have released three audio compilations and recently published a chapbook.

Cherry Nin is a Philadelphia-based interdisciplinary artist working with video, writing, performance, and sound. Language and storytelling are at the forefront as they navigate queerness, collectivity, and contemporary conditions of alienation. Utilizing what they have available—friends as actors, bedroom as set—Nin employs non-traditional modalities of writing, producing, and editing to create neurotic characters with fraught inner realities, often portraying effects of societal violence and repression on human relationships, dreams, and the subconscious. Disjointed, hyper-real worlds emerge, where a host of wicked realities lie bubbling just below a cracked surface.


Alongside their art practice, Cherry is an organizer. They are the founder of Krissy Talking Pictures (KTP), a video art organization in Philadelphia that makes space for queer artists who have limited or no access to mainstream institutions. Through their work with KTP Nin has curated installations, exhibitions, and performances at underground spaces throughout Philadelphia and has lectured at The Wexner Center for the Arts, Haverford College, and University of Oxford (UK). They are a recipient of the Leeway Foundation's Art & Change Grant (2020), the Philadelphia Independent Media Fund (2021), a past artist in residence at Outpost Artist Resources in Queens, NY and the Wexner Center for the Arts.


This website presents an overview of recent work.

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