Cherry Nin is an interdisciplinary artist with a practice that includes video, performance, writing, and sound. 


Often employing cut-up techniques, garish effects, and spiraling interwoven dialogue, Nin points to reality as being unreliable. Situating humor and absurdity up against the insular & everyday, Nin's work contains a sense that something fantastic and twisted lies just below the surface. Utilizing what she has available—friends as actors, bedroom as set, Nin draws a circle around her world then zooms out to reveal a delicate teetering, a holding together of all that threatens to fall apart. 


Alongside her art practice, Cherry is an organizer. She is the founder of Krissy Talking Pictures, a video art organization in Philadelphia that makes space for queer artists without access to mainstream institutions. Cherry is a recipient of the Leeway Foundation's Art & Change Grant, the Philadelphia Independent Media Fund, and a past artist in residence at Outpost Artist Resources in Queens, NY. 


This website presents an overview of recent work.

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Preview of Question Everything Bitch, video, April 2021

Question Everything Bitch is a hyper-real video project documenting the relationship between the two filmmakers and their environments as they play-pretend fictionalized versions of themselves in a fantastical underground world.

Access the full video via the Krissy Talking Pictures web shop.

a little bit like breathing, video, July 2020

Two friends listen to an uprising bubbling up from below. Using voice memos collected between March - July 2020, audio is cut up and collaged to form an eroded landscape of rallies, gatherings and intimate spaces.


Please listen with headphones if possible

you could live in this, video, January 2020

A free box as a portal 

the cloud, video, March 2019

Looming doom in cotton ball form

The internet doesn't know what's wrong with me

Obituaries bloom like rotten drugstore valentines

A damsel (me) snorts 5 tons of that speculative stuff (you) then cries in the deepest pit of postpartum shit

Oh image producer power Oh pill like a cross Oh pie in the sky

Oh say did you see

The way that flag kissed the wind?

Oh say did you hear 

The crowds went home?

Nuclear families, health insurance, student loans

The fields are all empty now


Springtime and my eyelids start sprouting skinny petals 

No doctor and

The internet doesn’t know what’s wrong with me 


Bathroom break on the clock

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'Don't change the channel' is a 28 page zine containing stories, 'don't change the channel' & 'Gatorville,' published in February 2021.

Click here to purchase


Photos by Constance @ Tiger Strikes Asteroid, 2020


Krissy Talking Pictures is a video art label I founded in 2019 in Philadelphia. Krissy events are collaborative and involve installation, performance, screenings and music. These events have taken place at underground spaces across Philadelphia and online, and feature work by queer Philadelphia artists. We are currently on a virtual college tour.  

In May 2020 KTP became a collective with four members.

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Word Club is a writer's group started in early March 2020. We have released three audio compilations and plan to release our first chapbook in Summer 2021.