Stills from The Birthers, video, in progress

The Birthers is an experimental video project depicting the state of queer dreams amidst environmental disaster. In collaboration with a cast and crew of peers, the filmmakers create a surreal document reflective of their friend's attempts to envision a future while navigating the present.

Preview of Question Everything Bitch, video, April 2021

A collaboration with Rat Porridge. Question Everything Bitch is a hyper-real video project documenting the relationship between the two filmmakers and their environments as they play-pretend fictionalized versions of themselves in a fantastical underground world.

Access the full video via the Krissy Talking Pictures web shop.

a little bit like breathing, video, July 2020

Two friends listen to an uprising bubbling up from below. Using voice memos collected between March - July 2020, audio is cut up and collaged to form an eroded landscape of rallies, gatherings and intimate spaces.


Please listen with headphones if possible

you could live in this, video, January 2020

A free box as a portal 

the cloud, video, March 2019

Looming doom in cotton ball form